Drew Charles Goulet
August 16, 1985 - January 14, 2015

The Drew Charles Goulet Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the memory of Drew Goulet and aims to provide an opportunity to graduating high school seniors who are looking to improve the lives of others and may not have the means to get into college.

A Drew Charles Goulet scholar will;

  • be actively involved in their community
  • be in need of financial aid in order to attend college
  • have graduated from a high school in the Greater Hartford region
  • have achieved some academic success in high school and show promise of continued academic achievement at the college level
  • and are graduating high school seniors entering college or enrolled in college (2 or 4-year college) and pursuing an undergraduate degree on a full-time basis.

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The Story Behind the Fund

Drew Goulet grew up in Enfield, CT, a predominantly working class town in Hartford County. His friends and family knew him as a dreamer whose energy brought happiness to everyone around him. Drew had many talents, from artistic to athletic, but as he got older, he also became increasingly pragmatic and stopped chasing after the dreams he had, due to unforeseen causes.

Drew started working immediately after high school, and while he always talked about going to college and pursuing further education, when push came to shove, he felt it didn't make financial sense to follow that path. During this time, Drew began to experience health complications driven by a number of injuries, including concussions and a major car accident. These factors of work stress and mental trauma lead to signs of depression, which his friends and family desperately tried to address.

In 2015, Drew took his own life; a tragedy that shook the lives of those who loved him.

With any mental health issue, there are a number of causes that affect a person's mental state. The intent of this fund is to support young adults who have the desire to join us in the fight against suicide. Whether the scholar aims to join a field that may solve mental health issues medically, or they want to impact the cause socially, tuition should not be an obstacle to reach those aspirations.

The Drew Charles Goulet Memorial Scholarship is more than an award for academic success, it is a light to illuminate the path for a better future.

Please join us in supporting our community with a donation, or share our message.